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about the "Attempt to fix stdint/cstdint modules try 2" commit

Martin J. O'Riordan via cfe-dev

I have a question about the commit that should help prevent errors building boost headerfiles (https://github.com/llvm-mirror/libcxx/commit/6010dc84c66ee4b30b4ffea34b0d1c616d04239b#commitcomment-22132510).

I'm seeing the issue reported in http://stackoverflow.com/questions/41050942/clang-modules-interaction-with-std-iterator-and-boost-move-iterator-hpp , but (and this may be a bit delicate) I'm seeing it with a gcc 6.3 build I'm adapting (ok, tweaking) to use libc++ and the corresponding headers, on Mac OS X 10.9 .

If I understand the fix correctly, it addresses an issue that isn't in the system libc++ on that OS version, so how come I'm seeing it?

Should I not build g++ using the clang 4.0 C++ headers for now, or maybe make that tweak runtime-only and deactivate it while building g++ itself?

Thanks for any insights,

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