Weak test: clang/test/CodeGen/arm-mfpu-none.c

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Weak test: clang/test/CodeGen/arm-mfpu-none.c

Renato Golin via cfe-dev
Hi all,

I am using LLVM test infrastructure on a custom fork I am maintaining and this test is frequently failing because of a matching git password:

Command Output (stderr):
/builds/brcloud/llvm-project/clang/test/CodeGen/arm-mfpu-none.c:5:15: error: CHECK-NOT: excluded string found in input
// CHECK-NOT: {{s[0-9]}}
<stdin>:63:68: note: found here
.ident "clang version 10.0.0 (https://gitlab-ci-token:X[hidden email]/brcloud/llvm-project.git deaa5a50d807b2fdf660b6526dc699fcca4bd0b6)"
Wouldn't it be possible to make the test a bit stronger?


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