Strange behaviour on virtual inheritance

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Strange behaviour on virtual inheritance

Nathan Ridge via cfe-dev
Hello all,

I've encountered a strange behaviour while messing with virtual inheritance. Assume that we have the following structures;

struct foo{
    void f(){}

template<typename B>
struct bar : private virtual B{ }; // A template struct which uses CRTP

struct zxe : public foo{};

And we have a struct, which inherits from both zxe, and bar at the same time.

struct qua  :  public bar<zxe>,       // restricting foo access  
                     public virtual zxe      // providing public foo access                         
{ };

int main(void) {
    qua q;

When we try to call f() on an instance of qua, the compiler throws the following error;

"cannot cast 'qua' to its private base class 'foo'"

But, if we change order of inheritance, the error disappears.

struct qua  :  public virtual zxe,      // providing public foo access     
                     public bar<zxe>        // restricting foo access             
{ };

Is this a bug, or related to standard?  I've tried same example in GCC 9.1, 8.1, 4.9 and both versions are compiled just fine. 

The full error log is available in attachments.

Thanks in advance,

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