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Re: [LLVMdev] [PATCH] Before/After IR Dumps

Chris Lattner
On Mar 2, 2010, at 1:45 PM, David Greene wrote:

> This set of patches adds support for dumping IR before or after specified
> Passes.  It adds the following command-line options:
> -print-before=<pass-option>
> -print-after=<pass-option>
> -print-before-all
> -print-after-all

This patch looks very invasive for such a simple thing, isn't there a better way?

Also, please please please stay in 80 columns.


> Use it like this:
> llc -debug -print-before=linearscan-regalloc file.bc -o file.s
> -help will print the pass options available to -print-before and -print-after.
> The patches add support to clang, llvm and llvm-gcc, respectively.
> We use this extensively to debug Passes by examining IR before and after
> they run.
> Please review for commit and comment.  It would be great to get this into the
> 2.7 release.
> Thanks!
>                                               -Dave
> <clang-beforeafter.patch><llvm-beforeafter.patch><llvm-gcc-beforeafter.patch>_______________________________________________
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