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Needs Help —— Develop on libclang

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Dear Clang Experts,

I'm a student.

Now I'm working on libclang to visit the node of AST. But I found two problem, please help me.

1. When I visit the cursor of `CXCursor_BinaryOperator`, I didn't find the way to get the operator kind.

2. When I visit the cursor of Literal(such as `CXCursor_IntegerLiteral`、`CXCursor_FloatingLiteral`、`CXCursor_CharacterLiteral`、`CXCursor_StringLiteral`), I can't get the value.

Could you tell me how to get the operator kind and the value of constant?

PS: My English is so pool, but I hope you can understand what i say.

Thank you very much for someone to answer my questions

Best regards