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Modules TS re-export support

Simon Dardis via cfe-dev
It seems the new module re-export syntax is not (yet) supported:

export module hello;
export import hello.core;

I get an error and see this in test/SemaCXX/modules-ts.cppm:

export import foo; // expected-error {{expected unqualified-id}}
export { import foo; } // expected-error {{expected unqualified-id}}

Is there perhaps an "old" way to achieve the same?

Also, when this is supported, will the re-exporting module (hello
in this case) contain a "shallow" reference to the imported module
(hello.core). That is, will one need to have a .pcm file for
hello.core available every time hello is imported? It seems this
is how both GCC and VC implemented it.

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