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Oleg Smolsky via cfe-dev
(Sort of) repost.
Things would be significantly easier if the llvm libunwind would be renamed avoiding the name clash with the "standard" libunwind.
I think someone proposed this recently (or complained about this renaming not being done).

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Betreff: compiler-rt
Datum: Sun, 14 Oct 2018 17:47:57 +0200
Von: Franz Fehringer [hidden email]
An: [hidden email]

Dear libcxx community,

I would like to compile the latest libcxx on Ubuntu 16.04.
Regarding the use of compiler-rt instead of libgcc and given there seems to be a dependency on libunwind i have the following questions:
  • Should i use the system libunwind or the llvm one?
  • Can i use libunwind.a instead of libunwind.so?
  • Should i set -D_GNU_SOURCE for the compile (there is at least one cmake test which fails without this if the system libunwind is used)?
  • There once was an activity (or at least a proposal) to combine compiler-rt with libunwind, is this still on target?

Thanks in advance for answers


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