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Charles Davis-3
This is what Alexandre Julliard (from the Wine project) had to say about
the warning.


Charles Davis <[hidden email]> writes:

> An incomplete list of projects that use force_align_arg_pointer:
> - liboil
> - ffmpeg
> - x264
> - Gallium3D
> - KDE
> Just do a Google search for 'force_align_arg_pointer' and you'll see a
> whole bunch of pages about this!
> Now are you convinced this is a good idea?
No, I still don't see the point of warning about a completely harmless
usage. It's clearly convenient to be able to define __stdcall the way we
do in Wine, and I expect other projects may want to it that way too.
OTOH the likelihood that someone would deliberately use it on a function
pointer expecting something to happen seems very low to me, and not
worth a warning, much less a command-line option.

Alexandre Julliard
[hidden email]

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