Error building openmp 3.1 on clang 3.7

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Error building openmp 3.1 on clang 3.7

Louis Dionne via cfe-dev
Hi all, 

Should I be able to use OpenMP 3.1 using Clang 3.7 on  LLVM 3.7 on an ARM board with a Linux 3.10.63+?

I've built the llvm 3.7 with clang 3.7 successfully, but it didn't generate omp dynamic lib. I'm getting an error when I try to do a "make" inside of my build/projects/openmp.

Linking C shared library ../../../../lib/
CMakeFiles/omp.dir/z_Linux_util.c.o: In function `__kmp_invoke_microtask':
z_Linux_util.c:(.text.__kmp_invoke_microtask+0x9e): undefined reference to `ffi_prep_cif'
z_Linux_util.c:(.text.__kmp_invoke_microtask+0xac): undefined reference to `ffi_call'
z_Linux_util.c:(.text.__kmp_invoke_microtask+0xd4): undefined reference to `ffi_type_pointer'
z_Linux_util.c:(.text.__kmp_invoke_microtask+0xd8): undefined reference to `ffi_type_void'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make[2]: *** [lib/] Error 1

However, I have libffi linked, it didn't help

I want to generate a dyn lib I can call, I was calling a dyn from my gcc, but clang was not able to execute multi thread code compiled with the gcc's dynamic lib (it basically ignored the pragmas). 

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