ClangTool emit preprocessor output from modified buffers.

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ClangTool emit preprocessor output from modified buffers.

Nathan Ridge via cfe-dev


I am doing source-to-source transformation using Clang tools. I use a custom `ASTFrontendAction` to refactor a few things such as the variable name by implementing visitors like `VisitVarDecl`. It is fairly simple to save the modified buffers as new files. I can do this by calling the proper rewriter functions at the end of the `ASTFrontendAction::EndSourceFileAction`. More or less like this (this one prints to the standard output):

    void EndSourceFileAction() override {
        SourceManager &sm = rewriter.getSourceMgr();
        rewriter.InsertTextBefore(sm.getLocForStartOfFile(sm.getMainFileID()), "// This file has been modified");

My question is, how can I emit the preprocessor output (similar behavior as clang++ -E main.cpp) at the end of my refactoring with the modified files? Basically, I am trying to find a code that does roughly the following:

// For every modified file add file to CI.getPreprocessorOpts().addRemappedFile()
// Call CI.getPreprocessor().emitPreprocessorOutput();

I am struggling to implement this. Does anybody know the right approach to re-invoke the preprocessor to emit the preprocessor output at the end of my `FrontEndActions`? Any suggestions of tutorials?


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