Clang IfStmt with shortcut binary operator in condition

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Clang IfStmt with shortcut binary operator in condition

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I am trying to detect if there is a function call inside an if statement as part of condition; like following:

if (cmp(a, b)){
  \\do something
I have found I could do this with AST matcher in following manner:
But the problem is condition could have shortcuts like &&, ||; like following:

if(a != b && cmp(a,b) || c == 10){
\\ do something
Now this condition has binaryoperator && and ||; also have a call expression as part of it. Now how I could detect that there is a call expression inside this if statement? Definitely I don't know how many binary operator as shortcuts will be there, so I am looking for a generalize solution for this, possibly using clange AST matcher.