Added custom builtin type always parsed as short

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Added custom builtin type always parsed as short

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I'm trying to add custom integer width specifier, like short/long but with bitwidth of 1. What i managed so far is to implement a new keyword for it, and its properly tokenized as "bit", next i tried adding new builting type for it by trying to search for usages of unisgned long and unsigned short in source, and where ever i found usages i wrote code that would represent my type. Places i added my code is:

TokenKinds.def where i added new keyword that would represent my type, and added all cases for kw_bit in ParseDecl.cpp, ParseExpr.cpp, SemaDecl.cpp

Then i introduced new TSW_bit in enum Specifiers::TypeSpecifierWidth and cases in DeclSpec.cpp, and SemaType.cpp. one in SemaType sets Result to Context.BitTy.

Then i added UNISGNED_TYPE(Bit, BitTy) in BuiltinTypes.def, and introduced new CanQualType BitTy, and InitBuiltinType(BitTy, BuiltinType::Bit). then i added cases in ASTContext, SemaType and SemaDecl.

Added case to CodeGenTypes
   ResultType = llvm::Type::getInt1Ty(getLLVMContext());

Even hardcoded  width=1, align=1 in case in ASTContext, note that align is experimental, it should be 0 since MCU has bit addressable space of 2 bytes, so i should be able to store 16 of these bits inside that (stinking 8051 :D )

Problem i have is:
It parses, compiles without errors, but my new keyword is always parsed as short, no matter what i do, its always short in clang ast dump, and inside llvm IR its generated as i16 which is fine for short. I dont know what im missing. So if anyone have ideas or maybe some other approach  to make this type i would be very grateful. Sorry for the long post, but im trying to explain what i did best as i can.